D. A. Hartman, the author of novel, Round Trip

Tori Laurengo is homeless and living on the streets until a stranger offers her a place to stay at a luxurious apartment building in California. There, the socially awkward Tori meets novelist, Virginia Lopez. The last thing Virginia wants is to get involved with the disheveled woman who talks to herself, but the new tenant is benevolent and somewhat humorous, and she makes the stressed author smile. Virginia bases her characters on real people, who subsequently suffer the same fate as those in her manuscripts and often end up dead. Hence, she vowed never to use someone she cares about as a protagonist again. However, Tori has little to live for, ergo, little to lose. Now, unaware of the danger that lies ahead, Tori becomes the main character in the author’s latest novel, and ironically, only Virginia’s love can save her.