One woman dreams of love. The other lives for revenge. Together, they search for the truth.

FF/lesbian/Sapphic-Enemies to Lovers/Forced Proximity/steamy romance

Devi Wallace, a model is fired from Chase Janice, an up-and-coming fashion company, and is mysteriously blacklisted from the industry. Unable to find another gig, Devi can’t pay rent and is evicted from her apartment. She must now stay with a friend who lives in the same gated community as her nemesis, Joleen Hunt.

Joleen Hunt would rather crunch numbers than attend social events. Hence, she allows her girlfriend, influencer Candice Delight to run her nightclub. When Candice dies of an overdose, Joleen blames her death on party-goer, Devi Wallace. Now and for every day Devi breathes, Joleen’s mission is to destroy her.

When Devi and Joleen get locked alone inside a vast and colorful art installation the real battle between the two begins.

Under the Rainbow

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